My name is Miguelangel Suárez Cassirám, please call me Mike, I’m a UI/UX Designer & Art director born in Venezuela, currently living and working in Buenos Aires City.

Focused in solving problems and making user's life easier, always trying to keep a multi-disciplinary approach in every project. Strong background in both roles, visual and user experience. Dedicated to the conceptualization, strategy, usability, interaction, interface design, monitoring and validation of developments among others, with over 10 years of experience in design and development within the world web, focused on the mix of minimalism and elegance. My priority is to offer creative, visual and modern solutions, using all the knowledge I have gained during my years of experience.

I have worked with different companies from countries like Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, USA, Russia, India and others and also with direct customers, gaining knowledge from both sides, as a user, thinking and solving every problem that arises. I always tried to transform complex concepts into simple and balanced, creating striking experiences and intuitive interfaces. Absolute perfection is an illusion but is to be found every day.