Following the Passion

I like to experiment in new design environments, I'm always looking for something new to do. I love industrial design, chairs, and some references such as Dieter Rams, Charles and Ray Eames or Jonathan Ive, fill my brain with inspiration every day..

Lotus - rental online marketplace
Mortgij - Morgage Lender in an App
PinnyApp - App for food lovers
Iris - Social Investment Platform
Design System
Influencers Startup app - Onboarding
Influencers Startup Dashboard
Influencers Startup app
Card Selector
Buying Bitcoin
Minimal Profile Setting
Ecommerce Redesign
Schedules - Dr App.
Doctor Profile Drapp
Cryptocurrency Dashboard - ICO
Login Fashion Site
Project Layout - 3 columns
Project Layout - 2 columns
Star Wars Movie Selector UI
New Dr. App - Doctors Landing Page
Minimal Solar System
Realestateco.in - ICO Landing Page
Tunubi.com Clean Dashboard
Dr. App -  System Responsive Design
Dr. App -  Mobile Design
Dr. App -  Website Redesign
House of Mike - Mobile
Playstation Vr - 3D Product View
Dark Ride
Fluent Design System - Chat Concept
Fluent Design System - Kelly Slater Surfer
Pulse oximetry - Motion UI
Herramientas Freelance (Parte I)
Surf Beach - Contact Form
Tipografías - Primeros Pasos
Oximeter Test
Startup Blog Article - Minimal Clean
Contact Form
M - Hero
New Sign in
Football Soccer Team
Football Soccer Score
Super Bowl 2017 - Dark Score Card
Photographer profile
Nila Real Estate - Landing Page
Star Wars Rogue One - UI Motion
Star Wars Rogue One
Spectacles - Just for Snapchat
Typography made by numbers
Day 028 | Product Landing page
Day 027 | Evolution of an experience
Day 026 | Monument Valley Pulse efect
Day 025 | UI Motion Card
Day 024 | Mobile Booking App UI
Day 023 | Leo Villasmil Website
Day 022 | Luxury Hotel app menu
Day 021 | Creative Night Playlist Artwork
Day 020 | Floortek Feeling Wood - Website
Day 019 | Ohana Surf Paradise Landing page
Day 018 | Architecture is visual art - UI Design
Day 017 | Hola.pot UI Card
Day 016 | Nike Flywire - Be Legendary
Day 015 | Ecommerce App Signup
Day 014 | Nike Running Onboarding
Day 013 | Kraken Landing Page
Day 012 | Concept Chat App UI
Day 011 | Framezero Website
Day 010 | Football App - Material Design
Day 009 | Our Tradition Hero Slider
Day 008 | The Perfect Beach UI Card
Day 007 | Espresso Coffee Product Card UI
Day 006 | Band Profile UI Social Network
Day 005 | New Apple Concept App UI
Day 004 | New Apple Concept App UI
Day 003 | New Apple Concept App UI
Day 002 | New Apple Concept App UI
Day 001 | New Apple Concept App UI

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